Women’s Invisibility is Real

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Women's Invisibility in Middle Age

Feeling invisible, ladies?

Weird sensation, isn’t it? 

Cars and bicycles not stopping. 

Struggling to get the attention of waiters and bartenders. 

Having doors fly shut in your face. 

Men no longer see you – don’t even notice you’re there.

Women’s Invisibility Happens Gradually

I’m 59 years old, and over the past 10 or 15 years, I’ve become less and less “visible” in public.  I’m not talking about work situations, or dinner parties, or in groups of people I know.  Just in public.  I am still important and successful in my own sphere, but among strangers, my invisibility has become complete. 

Believe me, I’m not being melodramatic.


Grace:  “I will NOT become irrelevant.”

You shouldn’t.

Women over 40 are vital, powerful, and have wisdom.  We’re talented, educated, have nurtured, and are empathetic.  We have a depth of understanding that comes from needing to understand issues from all sides. 

You have choices.  You can mourn.  You can focus on the passing of youth, and choose invisibility as something you can’t do anything about. 

You can keep fighting to look younger.  You can keep being “strong” by “coping” in silence.

That’s what the world expects of you, in a culture that objectifies women and only celebrates them when young.  This ageist world where “Influencers” are in their teens, and older women get shoved into the past, and written out of history.

But, this is also a time when you’re at the height of your intellectual, creative and artistic powers.  

Frankie:  “If they can’t see me, they can’t stop me!”

Women’s invisibility also gives us the freedom that comes from not having to give a fuck. 

You always wanted to sing in a nightclub?  Be an artist?  Film documentaries?  Travel the world?  Write a novel?  Get a degree?  Become a bodybuilder?  Run marathons?  Become a designer?  A chef? 

Start a blog?

Do it.

Fit and Fab At Fifty

Let’s face it. We’re ALL fab.

This blog is for women who need a little support and some inspiration.  It’s also for those who know that they can’t start new adventures without having good health to back them up. 

So, in addition to providing help in pursuing new directions, we’ll share easy ways to become fit, take off a few pounds, and eat right.  

Easy ways that don’t require setting aside blocks of time, expensive equipment, or complicated meal plans.

It’s time to care for YOU, instead of everyone else.  They’re fine. 

Time to get started on your journey!

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