Welcome to Fit and Fab at Fifty …

We’re ALL fab.

This blog is for women who need a little support and some inspiration finding new beginnings after 40.  It’s also for those who know that they can’t start new adventures without having good health to back them up. 

So, in addition to providing help reclaiming dreams postponed, or vistas unexplored, we’ll share easy ways to become fit, take off a few pounds, and eat right.  

Easy ways that don’t require setting aside blocks of time, expensive equipment, or complicated meal plans.

It’s time to care for YOU, instead of everyone else.  Your kids, husband or partner? They’re fine.

It’s time for you to create your next life experience. You are all you need to make what you’ve always imagined real.

Come and join our community at https://www.facebook.com/fitandfabnyc.  We’d love to have you join in!

Women in their 50s