New Beginnings for Women after 50

new beginning for women after 50

New beginnings for women after 50 are not only possible, they can be easier and more exciting than ever before.   

new beginning for woman in her 50s as a podcaster

By now we’ve gained perspective to see what we’re really passionate about.  We know more about our strengths and weaknesses than ever before.  This knowledge can give us space and freedom to move around in. 

Women seeking new beginnings after fifty are practiced – we have past successes and failures to build on.  Starting anew in middle age gives us a “timed” goal.  If our new journey is to be a success, we need determination and focus to create our path quickly, so we can enjoy it for years to come.

Women Our Age Have a Lot to Offer

  • We have perpective, a wealth of problem-solving wisdom, and most importantly knowledge of the joy that comes from offering life-changing solutions to others.
  • Women our age have something to offer – a voice, a talent, time for philanthropic activities, and the freedom to choose the talent we want to develop or the solution we want to share with the world.
  • We also have the benefit of knowing exactly what we don’t want – and boy oh boy, is that ever a leg up on younger generations, still fumbling about in the dark.
  • We have the flexibility of young companies at our age – we can zig when others zag. This is because we have the freedom to act and decide for ourselves in a split second. 
  • We have the benefit of years of observation of what doesn’t work.  And, if we veer onto a wrong path, we have the skills to see it for what it is, and get back on the right one.

Middle age is the time of self-discovery.  It’s the time for challenges.  Throw safety to the wind!

If we look back, it should be to find our new purpose going forward.

It’s easy to think that it’s too late for a new career, or to grab onto a dream that had to be postponed. 

Nothing could be farther than the truth. 

New beginnings for women after 50 are not only possible. They can be easier and more exciting than ever before.

Go create!

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