The Best Cardio Training During Menopause

Cardio Training During Menopause

If you’re facing menopause, you need a specialized fitness program to avoid the weight gain that often accompanies it. The best cardio training during menopause begins with light weights and repetitions.  Diet tips to lose weight and keep it off during menopause follow.

The first thing most women need to do is improve their cardiovascular fitness. This means increasing their heart rate for sufficient exercise, without getting dizzy. This should be done on a regular basis, with a weight that is comfortable for each individual. Most women can raise their heart rate to the point where it becomes difficult to breathe. For the lucky ones who can reach this level, they can do 30-60 minute sessions as directed. The remaining women who cannot reach this point can do one or two shorter 20 minute sessions.

Exercises for Raising the Heart Rate:

  • One exercise that can help you raise your heart rate is the butterfly, or wallop. This can be done at home with an EZ-cannon, or, in a fitness center, with a dumbbell. Women need to do 4 sets of 20 reps of this.
  • A second exercise to help you maintain a healthy heart rate is to perform lunges. You should do 3 sets of 20 lunge repetitions.
  • Third, do a few minutes of active rest, which means to rest while doing something, which means to simply lay down on a couch, or in a recliner. Do this for one to five minutes. This rest helps maintain the appropriate heart rate they need.
  • Fourth, increase the intensity of the workout by taking a weight that is heavy enough to do 20 reps, combined with a weight that is light enough to do 8 reps. When they are done with the 20 reps, they can take the 8 reps. These weights are usually dumbbells. They do not need to be the same weight. Women can also increase their heart rates with the same method.
  • You can also increase the cardio intensity when working the pecs. Do shoulder presses and benches in reps of 10, followed by 6.  The rowing machine is also beneficial. Look  at keeping your core tight and chest up. Increase cardio intensity and heart rate by doing 30 to 60 minute workouts. This means the time you need to rest, is in between these two movements, is between 90 seconds and 30 minutes.
  • The final tip is to incorporate cardio in their workouts, in addition to their weight training. It helps maintain heart rates while also building muscle. 

When weight lifting, do low reps.  The best cardio training during menopause focuses on form, and maintaining form, at all times. Weight lifting is important for women. It helps build and tone muscle, as well as it keeping your body fit and trim.

The best cardio training during menopause is 30 to 60 minute sessions. You should be taking a weight heavy enough for to do 20 reps, combined with a weight light enough for to do 8 reps. You should be performing the same amount of reps as in your weight training.

Women should stretch between their weight lifting and cardio workouts. Stretch as much as possible during your workout, and this should be after you’re done with your cardio workout.

Diet Tips for Cardio Training During Menopause

You should be eating 6 to 8 meals per day. There should be a protein heavy meal 2 hours before training, and then a carb heavy meal, at least 4 hours after training. Women should eat more protein and less fat. They should also eat more protein, and less carbs, when they are fasting.

You should also be taking natural supplements. These supplements should only be taken as a part of a proper diet and nutritional plan. These supplements should not be taken alone. The vitamins that are recommended are: Vitamin C, B Complex, K, D, E, and magnesium.

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